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How does chiropractic work?

Chiropractic works by removing interference and irritation of the nervous system thus allowing your own “innate” powers of healing to heal your body. A common cause of irritation to the nervous system is the spinal column ie. your vertebrae. Your chiropractor will remove this irritation using their hands to perform spinal manipulations to the involved area.

What is that cracking noise?

The noise is caused when the joint is quickly moved apart and a gas bubble is forced through the joint membrane. The gasses will travel back through the membrane over the next 20 minutes or so. This is why when people crack their knuckles they are unable to do it again for about 20 minutes. It is most definitely not your bones grating against each other or, worse still, them breaking.

Who is chiropractic suitable for?

Chiropractic treatment is suitable for everyone. Once your chiropractor has decided that chiropractic is the correct treatment for your problem then they will modify their treatment to suit you. Whether you are a baby, teenager, pregnant or a pensioner, all can be successfully helped.

What is the difference between chiropractic and osteopathy?

Historically chiropractors work on the nervous system and an osteopath works on the muscle system to have an effect. However, in practice they are not dissimilar. The main differences are that chiropractors perform rapid manipulations to joints which are not moving as much as they should be whereas osteopaths perform slower, repetitive mobilisations to encourage greater movement within the region. Also chiropractors are qualified to take and interpret x-rays but osteopaths can only interpret them.

Will I need x-rays?

X-rays will only be taken when they are clinically indicated during your initial consultation. If they are needed then they will be taken there and then by your chiropractor. No treatment will be given as your x-rays will need to be interpreted and your treatment possibly modified as a result of the analysis. You will be asked to return within 48 hours to discuss your x-rays and any follow-up treatment. If you have had x-rays, CT/MRI scan within the last six months then it would be beneficial for yourself and your chiropractor to have a copy of this report. This can easily be requested from your GP prior to your initial consultation.

What if I don’t believe in chiropractic?

It really does not matter if you do or you don’t. Chiropractic works on the nervous system, which is not under your conscious control, otherwise why would babies and animals get better.

Do I have a slipped disc or trapped nerve?

Due to the anatomy of the spine, discs cannot slip. However, due to trauma they can bulge and even rupture. This can put pressure and irritation on the adjacent structures - often the spinal nerves. This is commonly known as a trapped nerve.

Will it hurt?

Treatment should generally not hurt but this does depend on your particular condition. During treatment patients often experience soreness and discomfort, especially if scar tissue needs to be broken down. Some bruising and discomfort may be experienced, especially after the first couple of treatments. This can be greatly reduced by using ice over the area.

Who should I see?

Since July 1999 it has been a legal requirement that anyone wishing to practice as a chiropractor in the U.K. must be registered with the General Chiropractic Council. All of our practitioners are fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council.

Is it safe?

Chiropractic has an excellent safety record and is much safer than surgery or taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAID’S).

Will I have to keep coming back?

How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to the individual. If you have a longstanding problem, or some arthritic condition, you may be advised to have regular maintenance appointments - say every three to six months - in order to prevent recurrences or to stop problems building to crisis point.

Will I have to get undressed?

Patients are required to undress to their underwear, particularly for the initial consultation. Freshly laundered gowns are provided. It is particularly important at the initial examination to be able to see the entire spine in order to give a thorough examination. Patients are encouraged to continue to undress at subsequent sessions for their own comfort during treatment. However your comfort and dignity are paramount. A chaperone can be provided or you can bring your own, whichever you feel most comfortable with. Children will always be examined in the presence of a parent or responsible adult who will have to sign to give authority for the examination and subsequent treatments to take place.

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