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BarryMcQuireBarry C. McQuire

Barry has been at Roundhay Chiropractic Clinic since graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1962. He has delivered thousands of treatments over the years. We would like to pay tribute to his work and his unwavering dedication to chiropractic. Barry is registered with BUPA, PPP and all other major private health care insurance providers.



NicolaMorrisonNicola M. Morrison

Nicola trained at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and upon graduation in 1992 she
joined the Roundhay Chiropractic Clinic. Through her time at the clinic Nicola has seen many changes including her marriage and subsequent birth of her two children. As a result her particular areas of interest have become paediatrics and the treatment of women throughout their pregnancy. However, Nicola has vast experience of treating all types of back and joint pains. Nicola is registered with BUPA, PPP and all other major private health care insurance providers.



MarkHolbekMark P. Holbek

Mark graduated from the
Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 1983, having been attracted to the profession after observing the impressive results of Chiropractic treatment given to friends and family. After a year working in Edinburgh he moved to Leeds, where, far from the industrial wasteland that he had been expecting, he found a pleasant, green vibrant city full of friendly folk and surrounded by exquisite countryside.

In his time at Roundhay Chiropractic Clinic he has treated literally thousands of people of all shapes, sizes and creeds, from tiny toddlers to rocky Rhinos, from celebrities with stars in their eyes to street cleaners with dirt on their hands, successfully treating all manner of health issues,
principally low back pain, sciatica, sports injuries, neck pain, headaches, frozen shoulder and numerous other musculo-skeletal disorders. Mark is registered with BUPA, PPP and all other major private health care insurance providers.


Mudathir Al-Sketty

Mudathir is a highly qualified osteopath having trained at Leeds Metropolitan University gaining a Masters qualification with merit. He also holds a Masters degree in food science and nutrition as well as a BSc (hons) in Food Science.He has a special interest in sports injuries and hip conditions and has recently completed a study on hip dysfunction and the various diagnoses and treatments which are currently available. His findings on this are due to be published in several international journals. Mudathir is also a keen sportsman himself, having played at international and national levels in waterpolo, rugby and basketball and currently still plays professional basketball.

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